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After not seeing an active Harry Potter sorting community here on Dreamwidth (and dying a little on the inside), our previous Headmistress Ari set out to create one!

Welcome potential applicants to Enchanted Elite. We aim to have loads of fun activities, lots of conversations, and other things as time goes on. There will be challenges of all sorts of shapes and sizes and we have a place for you!

Join in the fun, be part of the experience. We hope to see you get sorted!

We currently do not have any house heads, once we get a bit of a memberbase in each house, we will be holding elections.


Headmistress Sam
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I am really happy to announce that [ profile] takingitinturns is under new management and will be holding its fifth fest very soon. This year's theme is Mirrors and Reflections.

A message from the new mods, [ profile] snuggle_muggle and [ profile] carrickorourke:

The world of Harry Potter is full of mirrors and reflections: Literal mirrors like the Mirror of Erised and the two-way communication mirrors Sirius gave to Harry, or figurative reflections like James and Lily appearing again in the form of Harry and Ginny. Mirrors in the wizarding world are so much more than just a looking glass, they can show Harry and Ginny what was, what will be, or what they desire to bring into being. And figurative reflections can be beautiful and perfect like the identical images of Fred and George or dark and twisted like the similarities between Tom Riddle and Harry Potter.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this fifth anniversary celebration of [profile] takingitinturns, as long as you’re willing to fulfill a request for either artwork or fiction. All ratings and all genres are included, romance, drama, mystery, or horror, whether it’s canon or AU – as long as it’s Harry/Ginny, we’d love to have it!

The directions are really simple: You make a request, we mix and match, and then send you another person’s request to fulfill. You write or draw something for that person and someone else creates a gift for you. At the end of the fest, we’ll all have new Harry/Ginny to enjoy!

See the rest of the post for the schedule and rules. Sign-ups begin on 10 March!
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I'm new to dreamwidth so this is my attempt at making friends in the H/G community. *waves*

Name: Luna
Things I like to do in fandom: write fic, post recs, comment on other people's fic and generally debate/talk about fandom interests
Other ships/fandoms: Harry/Luna, Harry/Pansy, Ginny/Tom, Harry/Snape, Ron/Pansy, Snape/Hermione, Albus Severus/Scorpius, Ginny/Sirius. Other fandoms I enjoy are Steig Larson's Millennium series, Gilmore Girls, and a few other odds and ends.
My favourite of my own H/G fics: probably The Tough Option
Another story I'd like to recommend: this one is still anonymous because reveals haven't been posted, but it's one of my favorites from the recent smutty_claus exchange. Substitute my Coke for Gin is sexy and well written, with just the right amount of conflict and character development.
Anything else? Hmm, don't be shy! I love making new fandom friends, and generally if I'm interested in someone's writing or they seem interested in mine I'm willing to add/get to know them.
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The Aurors Prompt-Fest is open for signups and prompts!
Are you fan of cop dramas on TV? Is Mad-Eye Moody one of your favorite Harry Potter characters? Ever wish the series had chucked Quidditch in favor of more Defense Against the Dark Arts?

Then you would like The Aurors, the TV show that, alas, never existed. Except here, in fanfic form! This is a prompt meme inspired by that fan "trailer," for readers and writers who would love to see a grittier, more adult Harry Potter, focused on the men and women (and possibly some non-humans, too) who defend both the wizarding and Muggle worlds against evil magic.

Signups are open now; close on December 8th at 8 p.m. EST; stories are due by the same time on January 8th, and will be opened for reading on the 9th. They'll be anonymous to begin with; author reveal will follow a week later.
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There is a fantastic piece of Harry/Ginny art over at [ profile] smutty_claus: Sidetracked (rated R). Summary: Harry and Ginny get a little sidetracked while on their way to meet Ron and Hermione for a picnic.

It's hilarious and sexy and sweet. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend that you check it out, and leave some appreciation for the artist. :)
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ETA: I'm leaving this up as a permanent mixer/welcome post. Feel free to say hi any time you like. :)

Hello all! So far this community has mainly focused on Harry/Ginny stuff happening elsewhere, but I thought it might be nice to get a few H/G fans chatting on Dreamwidth. So this is your mixer/intro/welcome post. I'm going to post a vague template below, but really, feel free to post anything here, as long as it has to do with Harry and Ginny. :) I just think it'd be great if a few H/G fans started chatting over here.

Sample post:

Name: Lyras
Things I like to do in fandom: write/rec/cheerlead/art/meta
Other ships/fandoms: in HP, Remus/Sirius, Ron/Hermione and other canon ships (rec me a good Molly/Arthur and I will sigh over you forever). Other fandoms include Battlestar Galactica, Young Wizards, His Dark Materials and the Anne books.
My favourite of my own H/G fics: This is the Night.
Another story I'd like to recommend: Between a Rock and a Hard Place by [ profile] irislock
Anything else? I'm not a very visual person, but how gorgeous is Bonnie Wright?
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Voting is open for the FINAL round of [ profile] hpgw_ldws and I have no idea how I'm going to choose. There are three outstanding ficlets and three outstanding drabbles. Check them out here if you like Harry/Ginny and excellent,tight writing!
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Happy 2010! There's quite a lot going on in the H/G world, so I felt an update was merited.

1. Over on LJ, Smutty_claus has posted the masterlist for 2009, including lots of H/G fic and art. Check out the Harry/Ginny stuff via the tags!

2. hpgw_otp is running its fifth annual best of awards. Go here to vote for your favourite fic and art of 2009.

3. hpgw_ldws is a Last Drabble Writer Standing competition for Harry/Ginny writers. Sign-ups are full for the first round, so keep an eye on the comm for lots of lovely Harry/Ginny short fiction.

4. Takingitinturns is gearing up for its second round, and the theme this year is "keeping secrets". Check out the introductory post for more information and a schedule.
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Hi all,

Just a quick post to say that this week's prompt at [ profile] hpgw100 is ice cream.

Also, [ profile] hg_silverlining is looking for people to help with film news concerning Dan Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright (Harry and Ginny in the movies). If you're interested, please see this post!

If anyone feels like posting fic (or anything else!) to get the ball rolling here, don't be shy. :)
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This week's theme at [ profile] hpgw100 is truth.

[ profile] hg_silverlining is hosting a fic challenge! Go here for details and to claim a prompt. Sign-ups end on at midnight EDT on Wednesday 27 May.


May. 21st, 2009 04:24 pm
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Hi everyone,

I will be messing around with the layout over the next few days, but my graphics skills are extremely limited, so if anyone has any suggestions or wants to volunteer to make it pretty, be my guest! Similarly, I have a couple of artists in mind to approach regarding a header, but if you have any suggestions, please give me a shout.

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This community is for fanfiction, fanart, icons, meta and anything else pertaining to the Harry/Ginny pairing. Welcome!

A few basic rules:

1. This is a community for sharing the Harry/Ginny love, and posts that focus on other pairings will be deleted. Please keep things on topic.

2. Please be polite at all times. Constructive criticism is a great tool and most writers/artists will be very grateful for it. Flaming, on the other hand, is not welcome. Respect the opinions of other members and treat others as you would like to be treated.

3. If you have a problem with anything that is posted at this community, please contact the moderator ([personal profile] lyras).

4. All fic, art and other large posts must be placed under a cut. If your material is rated R or higher, please make this clear in the post.

5. When posting fic or art, it's in your interest to make your headers as clear as possible. I suggest the following:

Word count:
Warnings (if necessary):

Feel free to post your work to the community or link back to your own journal as you prefer.


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